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Aragon Court

Decentralized Dispute Resolution Protocol

A plug-in arbitration platform, easily accessible to any decentralized application.

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Subjective Dispute Resolution

A decentralized dispute resolution protocol that can handle subjective disputes that cannot be resolved by smart contracts alone.

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A Network of Guardians

A growing borderless network of incentivized guardians drafted for each dispute, ready to intervene and arbitrate on a ruling.

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Human-centered Sybil Resistance

Be purpose-driven with common-sense, human-readable Agreements, protected by Aragon Court.

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What is Aragon Court?
Dispute Resolution for Web3

Aragon Court is a plug-in Web3 arbitration platform, accessible by API to any decentralized application (dApp) but fully implemented in the Aragon OpenStack.

How does Aragon Court work?

The Aragon Court Dispute Lifecycle

Dispute creation and evidence submission

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Guardians are drafted, review the dispute's evidence, then cast and reveal their votes.

Disputes can be made up of multiple rounds if the first round's ruling is appealed.

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Dispute Creation and Evidence Submission
Dispute Creation and Evidence Submission

Once a dispute is created, a time period of seven days is allowed to submit evidence that will later be reviewed by guardians. During this period, the dispute creator can also decide to close the evidence submission at any point in time. Evidence can be submitted in text format but HTTP and IPFS links are also accepted.

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Summoning Guardians

After the evidence period is over, the first adjudication round is initiated and the Summon guardians period begins. The only task required during this period is to click on the Summon guardians button in the dispute page. Anybody can execute this task and receive a DAI reward proportional to the number of guardians being drafted.

Summoning Guardians
Vote Commit
Vote Commit

The voting period is critical for a drafted guardian. What you must do within the allocated time is first to review the evidence, then to try anticipating what the voting decision of the plurality of guardians will be.

Vote Reveal

After the voting period has ended, guardians will have two days to reveal their vote.If you enabled the Auto-reveal service, there is no action required from you at this stage. Otherwise, simply click on the Reveal your vote button.

Your one-time code shouldn't be necessary unless a problem occurred within the court, but if it is needed, you'll be prompted to retrieve it from the safe place you stored it and enter it into the guardian app.

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Vote Reveal
Appeal and Confirmation
Appeal and Confirmation

Now that the votes are revealed, you can see whether you voted with the plurality or not. But before the ruling can be executed, an appeal period is started during which any user can lock DAI as collateral to propose an appeal.

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Final Ruling & Final Appeal Round

Once a ruling has been decided without any appeal, the final ruling is sent to the smart contract that triggered the dispute and all the adjudication rounds for the dispute can be settled taking into account the final ruling for rewards and penalties.

The maximum number of appeal rounds is not infinite, it is currently set to four. If an appeal is still confirmed after the maximum allowed is reached, a final round is initiated.

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Final Ruling & Final Appeal Round

Become a Guardian

Aragon Court handles subjective disputes that require the judgment of human guardians. These guardians stake a token called ANT which allows them to be drafted into guardians and earn fees for successfully adjudicating disputes.

Become a Guardian
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Earn Icome Online

Earn Guardian rewards from anywhere with an internet connection by successfully adjudicating disputes.

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Flexible Scheduling

You decide to make yourself available to rule on court cases or take a break and go offline.

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Meaningful Work

Help people around the world access justice with more convenience and lower costs than traditional Courts.

Migrate your ANJ to ANT
Are you an old-school Juror? Become a Guardian

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Quick Guides for Aragon Court

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Aragon Court
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Aragon Court Dashboard

Aragon Court Dashboard: The central interface where all dispute-related tools are available for Guardians.

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Dispute Livecycle Documentation

Dispute Livecycle

Dispute Livecycle: Understand the dispute lifecycle and all of its tasks in greater detail.

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ANJ Coversion

ANJ Conversion

ANJ Conversion: All your burning questions on the ANJ to ANT conversion, answered in one place.

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