Aragon Association

The legal steward of the Aragon project
The Aragon Association
Funding the community

The Aragon Association is a non-profit entity based in Switzerland. It is the legal steward of the Aragon project and is responsible for managing the funds raised in the Aragon Network Token sale.

The Association's treasury is $47.25m
50% ETH, 33% BTC, 14% ANT, 0.43% DCR, 0.3% ZEC, USDC, DAI, USD, CHF*
At the current expenditure, the Aragon Association has 8 years of runway
Last updated on 20/05/20. The figures mentioned above merely represent the digital currencies currently held by the Aragon Association. It is not a full account of all assets and liabilities owned and due respectively by the Aragon Association.
Towards transparency

You can check how funds are being spent.
We use Aragon itself to keep track of all payments, creating accountability and transparency.

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Luis Cuende

Cofounder of Aragon and Executive Director of the Aragon Association.


Jorge Izquierdo

Co-founder of Aragon and CEO of
Aragon One.


Common questions

What is the Aragon Association?
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