Aragon 0.7 Bella is here

April 17, 2019

We believe that everyone should be able to use decentralized organizations. That's why making them easy and secure matters.

Bella is the easiest-to-use Aragon release to date. Let's discover why.

Call people by their name

Ethereum addresses identify who you are interacting with. Who owns the organization, who creates a vote, where is the money being sent... Unfortunately, Ethereum addresses are long and hard to read. They don't relate to the people we care about. Today, that is changing.

We have introduced a powerful identity system. In the future, you will be able to plug in many different identity providers, like 3Box.

But with Bella, we are starting with the simplest identity system.

You see an address, you can click and tag it. The data never leaves your device, so you can rest assured that you are not de-anonymizing anyone.

From that point on, you will not see that address anymore, but the name you assigned to it. It works all across the Aragon client.

Then you can download a file with all your tags, and send it to other members of the organization.


Mobile. Now

A few years ago, could you ever imagine running a company from your phone?

We released a mobile-compatible alpha version of Aragon at AraCon 2019. Since then, we have improved it so it's ready for production use. You can check your organization's activity directly from your phone. And not only that, but also interact with it. Vote, transfer tokens, see finances... all on the go.


Upgrade everything

Thanks to the new Aragon App Center, you can seamlessly upgrade apps in your organization. That means better functionality and bug fixes are just a click away.

Note that smart contract upgrades are always opt-in. Organizations decide how and when to upgrade. We want to make sure that your organization is fully sovereign.


Keep track of your activity

With the new Activity panel on Aragon, you always know the state of the actions that you have initiated. Has the transaction been confirmed? How much time is remaining before it's confirmed and settled?

Now, you will always know.


Payroll becomes easy (invite-only)

With Aragon Payroll, paying your team members is easier than ever. You add a new employee and their details, and then they can request their salary in real time. They can also choose their salary allocation in different tokens offered by the organization.

This feature will be available to everyone soon. Until then, we will test Aragon Payroll with a handful of selected organizations. If you are interested, please reach out.


Constantly improving

There are also many minor fixes and improvements.

We are listening to users and collecting feedback. We want to make Aragon the dream way of running organizations of the future.

Do you want to help us on this journey? Check out job openings at Aragon One and Autark.


Discover the story behind Bella

Luis and Jorge created their first company together at the young ages of 16 and 15. Discover how that experience shaped Aragon, and the Bella release.