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January 24, 2020

Aragon Fundraising has launched today as part of the 0.8.7 release!

On January 7th, we began the pre-activation phase for Aragon Court. In this phase, people can get ANJ, Aragon Court’s native token, by locking ANT at a constant rate of 100 ANJ per ANT.

In the next phase, the ANT will enter a bonding curve where ANT holders will be able to get more at a variable rate. Aragon Fundraising is the smart contract that makes this happen, acting as a market maker, providing liquidity and enabling trustless exchange between assets.

Aragon Fundraising is a key pillar of Aragon Court -- it allows people to get ANJ by continuously locking ANT. Thanks to the flexibility of aragonOS, Aragon Fundraising can be configured to accommodate different funding and governance mechanisms.

For example, in Aragon Court’s case, the locked ANT stays in the bonding curve, so ANT always backs ANJ. However, you could configure Aragon Fundraising so that the members of a decentralized organization can vote to withdraw some of the bonding curve’s assets to support the development of the project, reward contributions, pay salaries...

Aragon Fundraising enables myriads of use cases -- from the native token of a crypto protocol such as Aragon Court, patronage, and donations to accountable fundraising or even continuous organizations.

The smart contracts behind Aragon Fundraising have been audited and already power Aragon Court. A frontend and template are also launching, which are experimental. Aragon Fundraising smart contracts are covered under the bug bounty program up to $250k.

You can now try Aragon Fundraising by creating a decentralized organization on Aragon and choosing the “Fundraising” template.

Read intro to Aragon Fundraising | Read documentation for Aragon Fundraising

Aragon Fundraising is a product of Aragon Black, a fully independent development team within the Aragon community. Fundraising is open source software offered as-is. You should seek proper legal advice about how participating in or running fundraising campaigns may affect you in your local jurisdiction and outside of it.