Introducing aragonSDK

March 4, 2019

aragonSDK is the easiest way of creating fully decentralized applications.

It has been around for more than a year now, and more than 25 apps have been created with it already.

As Steve Ballmer once said, it's all about developers, developers, developers.

That's why we made Aragon an app platform. We don't want to fix how the organizations of the future will work. But instead, we want to provide a blank canvas to let your imagination run free.

Developers will be the ones that create apps, and empower the world at large to bring decentralized organizations to life.

For that purpose, we have created state-of-the-art libraries, tools, and guidelines. All those are now under the umbrella of aragonSDK. Let's explore them.


aragonOS is the most advanced smart contract framework. It enables building decentralized organizations, dapps, and protocols. It provides upgradeability and authorization mechanisms for your smart contracts. Now you can focus on building what matters and let aragonOS take care of the rest.

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aragonPM is a decentralized package manager powered by aragonOS and Ethereum. It lets you upgrade smart contracts and also any arbitrary data, like a web app. aragonPM enables decentralized governance over package upgrades, removing centralized points of failure.

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aragonAPI enables developers to fetch the state from their smart contracts on the blockchain easily. It has a Javascript implementation, aragonJS.

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aragonUI is a rich component library for building Aragon app front-ends. It provides you with a diverse portfolio of React components, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when developing your apps. It leverages our experience designing secure, while easy to use, decentralized apps.

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aragonCLI is a command line tool that enables you to create, test, and release Aragon apps. It makes development and deployment more streamlined, having everything you need to create your app in a familiar interface.

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A brand-new developer portal


We have significantly improved documentation over the past months.
But we have also just released a visual overhaul of the developer portal.
It's now easier than ever to learn how to create Aragon apps.

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What developers are saying

If you want to start developing next-level dapps that support complex permissions systems and upgradability today, you'd be crazy to use anything but the aragonSDK. All of the tedious work has been abstracted out, letting our team focus on the applications we're passionate about.

Arthur Lunn, Autark

I have been using aragonSDK for the last months, and it is an always-learning experience. All tools in the stack are made with usability in mind but with cutting-edge technology and good developer practices.

Gabi Garcia, independent Aragon developer

The aragonSDK provides a coherent toolbox allowing to easily build powerful Aragon dapps. Everything is there: native state reduction, sandboxing, UX framework, etc.

Olivier Sarrouy, Pando