Introducing the Aragon Community Multisig

May 15, 2017

A 3/5 multisig that will approve the deployment of the Aragon Network

The Aragon Network Token (ANT) will initially begin as an upgradable token, but will evolve to serve as the governance token for the Aragon Network when deployed.

We estimate that the Aragon Network will be deployed in May of 2018. Prior to deployment and transition to a governance token, we plan to perform numerous audits and bug bounties to ensure thorough testing and to mitigate the risk of another DAO hack.

However, the actual ANT token will be first distributed in 2 days. So this raises the question: how do we plan to upgrade the token's functionality to a governance token?

ANT Upgrade Architecture

In terms of architecture, the Aragon Token has a controller which can manage its critical functionality (for example, minting new tokens). During the sale period, the smart contract running the sale serves as the token controller.

Once the sale is complete, a placeholder contract will take over as controller (does not perform any critical functions). The placeholder controller will transfer controller power to the full Aragon Network after deployment. The Aragon developers core group will deploy the Aragon Network's code when appropriate and the token will serve as a governance mechanism.

ANT Pre-Deployment Governance

How do we make sure that we don't deploy faulty code, or code completely unrelated to the Network?

Ensuring proper, thoroughly tested deployment is the primary responsibility of the Community Multisig. In addition, the Community Multisig will help resolve hypothetical founder deadlocks. For example, if Jorge or I lose our keys or disagree on a major issue.

Essentially, the Community Multisig will ensure that Aragon follows it's stated mission, and the Aragon Network is effectively deployed.

The Community Multisig is composed of:

  • Aragon Foundation — Jorge and Luis
  • Joe Urgo — CEO of Sourcerers & DApp Daily author
  • Kenny Rowe — COO of Dai Foundation & in charge of governance at MakerDAO
  • Jake Brukhman — Co-founder of CoinFund
  • Mihai Alisie — Founder of AKASHA & Co-founder of Ethereum

You can also verify all the cryptographic proofs of this multisig.

We deeply thank these community members and look forward to working with them to make sure we meet expectations.


The Aragon Team