Welcoming Joe Charlesworth as the ED of the Aragon Association

January 5, 2021

The Aragon Association is pleased to announce its newly appointed Executive Director — Joe Charlesworth. Joe takes on this role having been Head of Operations for Aragon since 2019, a position which gained him valuable insight into Aragon’s community and overarching mission. 

As Joe takes on the role of Executive Director, Luis Cuende will remain on with the Aragon Association as Committee Member and Chairman. In addition to the experience and perspectives Joe brings to the role of Executive Director, Joe’s appointment will serve to further decentralize the Aragon Association.   

I became the Executive Director of the Aragon Association one year and three months ago. However, as I have said before countless times, my job as the co-founder of a project fostering a decentralized network should be to ‘fire myself’. In 2020, I worked to ensure that Aragon can grow bigger than any of its individual contributors, including its co-founders. As a crucial step in that journey, I am very happy to announce that Joe Charlesworth is now Executive Director of the Aragon Association. Joe has been my right hand at the Association, and we have worked side by side on a daily basis. I have been extremely impressed by his professionalism and total dedication to Aragon and its mission.

— Luis Cuende, Co-founder of Aragon

I couldn’t be more excited to become the Association’s Executive Director. Aragon has built some of the most interesting governance technology in the space. As we venture into 2021, I’m excited to get the technology into the hands of more people and more organisations around the world. The need for decentralised governance technology has never been greater than it is today.

— Joe Charlesworth, Executive Director of the Aragon Association

As part of this process, the Aragon Association has also designated new Committee Members to further decentralize its governance. Joe and Jose Nuno, newly appointed Chief Legal Officer of the Association, have become Committee Members.

The Committee is now composed of both co-founders plus Joe and Jose. The Committee is also looking to expand and add new members that would bring expertise to the table.