Welcoming Jose Nuno as the CLO of the Aragon Association

January 5, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Jose Nuno Sousa Pinto has been appointed to the role of Chief Legal Officer for the Aragon Association. For the past year, Jose has held the position of General Counsel to the Association, helping with legal matters and ensuring the legal compliance of the Association.

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized governance involve many different areas of knowledge, from technical to sociological and legal. As our industry develops new products that adventure into the unknown, it’s as important as ever to acknowledge and research their legal implications.

Aragon is a privileged project that leads the legal tech on decentralized governance using smart contracts. As CLO it’s a challenging yet fascinating endeavour to be engaged in the research for an innovative digital jurisdiction and the enhancement of DAOs, while promoting the participation of token holders within the existing legal framework.

— Jose Nuno, Chief Legal Officer of the Aragon Association

In tandem with this appointment, Jose has also become a new Committee Member of the Association, joining both co-founders and Joe Charlesworth, the Association’s newly appointed Executive Director.