Juror Dispute Guide: App Mining

March 26, 2020

On March 26th, Aragon Court's precedence campaign begins. These disputes will involve real Aragon application developers applying for App Mining rewards. Rewards will be funded by the Aragon App Mining program approved by ANT holders in AGP-104.

App Mining Registry Eligibility

For an Application Publisher to earn these rewards, their Aragon App must meet the following criteria:

  • The app must be open source and with a license similar to the licenses that Aragon uses or any FOSS license of the Free Software Foundation or any open source license approved by the Open Source Initiative
  • The app must be an original work or a derivative work offering novel functionality
  • The app must not already exist on the registry
  • The app must be useful as a standalone app or module that can be used as a composable building block for Aragon organizations
  • The app publisher must provide user documentation, including installation instructions

Application Publishers will provide arguments for their eligibility, which will be submitted to Aragon Court where jurors will review it and decide whether or not they should receive App Mining rewards.


Jurors will decide whether an Application Publisher is eligible for rewards, but will not determine the reward amount. The App Mining Program Terms & Conditions will define a set of scoring rules, approved in AGP-104, that determine the portion of rewards an App receives from the rewards pool (100k ANT) based on an App’s usage KPIs from the previous 90 days.

More details about the App Mining Program can be found in this blog post.

To reiterate, jurors will decide whether real Aragon App developers will receive real rewards.

Paving the way for Aragon Agreements

If you read the original precedence campaign announcement, you may be wondering how this new type of dispute fits into the campaign since it was meant for manufactured mock disputes with non-binding outcomes. Does this mean the training wheels are coming off completely? Not quite.

Despite the realness of these App Mining disputes, Aragon Court and the Aragon client will not be connected until Aragon Agreements are implemented. In lieu of this functionality, before a dispute can be created in Aragon Court, App Publishers must sign two documents:

  1. App Mining Registry Agreement - Contains App Mining eligibility criteria and will be included in the content of the dispute for jurors who review before making their ruling. It also grants consent for the dispute to be created in Aragon Court on the Publisher’s behalf by the AA. This agreement is meant to emulate what an Aragon Agreement may look like in the future. You need to review this document to make an informed ruling.
  2. App Mining Program Terms and Conditions - Contains terms and conditions for participating in the App Mining program, scoring rules, and invoicing requirements. You DO NOT need to review this document to make an informed ruling.

Once both documents are signed, the Admin account controlling the App Mining DAO will create a dispute in Aragon Court. Application Publishers who are approved by Aragon Court jurors will invoice the Aragon Association and receive their rewards.

In the future, organizations will be able to submit and settle their disputes directly from the Aragon client using their Aragon Agreement.

Next Steps

Application Publishers will submit their apps, they will complete the necessary paperwork with the Aragon Association, a dispute will be created in Aragon Court, and jurors will rule on whether an app is eligible for App Mining rewards.

The first disputes will be submitted in the next two weeks as Application Publishers submit their apps for consideration. It is likely that multiple disputes will be submitted to the Court that run simultaneously. Jurors should monitor their notifications and Dashboard in the coming weeks so they can act in the event they are drafted.

The precedence campaign is an opportunity to establish the reputation and utility of Aragon Court as a dispute resolution provider, and the rulings of these disputes affect real outcomes so it’s especially important jurors rule with care.

Become a juror: anj.aragon.org