Launching Aragon Court

February 10, 2020

The world’s first digital jurisdiction opens its doors

Aragon was announced to the world on February, 10th 2017 — exactly three years ago. That’s why February 10th has been denominated as Fight for Freedom Day by our beloved community.

In these three years, we have created and launched the most advanced platform for decentralized organizations — counting more than 1,000 DAOs created with $8M under management. But that’s not everything. That’s just the beginning.

The vision for Aragon is to create a digital jurisdiction. A place on the Internet where people can self-organize in a free, peaceful, sustainable, and inclusive way.

The first step was to create the tools for DAOs to exist. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) allow for borderless, non-violent organization. Smart contracts give DAOs their great properties, but they also constrain them.

In 2017, we figured out that DAOs need to grow outside of their blockchain and machine-powered smart contracts. DAOs need subjective agreements. DAOs and their users need an equivalent of the legal system, but fully native to them.


And that’s how the idea of Aragon Court was born — a new efficient, borderless, and secure dispute resolution protocol for the Internet era.

Aragon Court works by drafting human jurors to review disputes and motivating them with financial rewards and penalties to adjudicate well.

The demand-side of the market comes from DAOs and users who rely on Aragon Court as a dispute resolution provider if members of their organization come to a disagreement. The supply-side of the market comes from users who stake Aragon Court’s token (ANJ) to serve as jurors, adjudicate disputes, and earn rewards.

During the pre-activation period, more than 1,000,000 ANT has been staked into the system, with 247 jurors signing up.

We want to thank every single juror who signed up — you are the founding fathers and mothers of a new cybernation.

After this historic launch, community members will be conducting a precedence campaign — a series of simulated disputes to stress-test the system.

The next step will be to transition the governance of the entire protocol to ANT holders, who will work on governing the protocol in exchange for a portion of the revenues of Aragon Court.

Today, a new jurisdiction just appeared on the map, and it’s called Aragon.