Welcoming Stefano to the Aragon Association

November 28, 2018

A new cycle for the Aragon Association with Stefano Bernardi as its Executive Director.

Earlier this year, I voluntarily resigned as the Project Lead of Aragon.

It doesn't make sense for a decentralized project to have a leader.

In our efforts to decentralize Aragon's development, Jorge and me founded Aragon One.

That left a void in the Aragon Association, the legal entity that oversees the project. It has a key role, funding the Aragon ecosystem and its expansion. It runs Flock and Nest, organizes AraCon and manages the Aragon treasury.

Although the plan is to transition power to the Aragon Network, getting there will take time and effort.

This is the first time in history that a project decentralizes itself. Aragon needs the utmost care in this very important moment of its infancy.

For that reason, Jorge and me started looking for someone to run the Aragon Association. It isn't easy to let go of your baby and give such an important role to someone else.

We started looking for a community member, who was more experienced than us in all the areas relevant to the Association.

That search ended, and ended well.


Today, we couldn't be happier to be welcoming Stefano Bernardi as the Executive Director of the Aragon Association.

Stefano wrote a great blog post about his motivations for joining the project, which I deeply recommend you read.

A bit of personal news: I'm joining @AragonProject! https://t.co/BCMlvsSyQe

— Stefano Bernardi 🤙 (@stefanobernardi) November 28, 2018

What will change?

  • Flock, Nest and AraCon will receive more love and attention
  • The Aragon project treasury will receive more attention as well
  • The Association will form a small team to help Stefano execute these tasks
  • As a result, Jorge and me will have more time to work on product related tasks, as part of Aragon One. This includes the Aragon client, the Aragon developer tools, and the Aragon Network
  • Aragon teams (Aragon One and the Aragon DAC) will have fewer distractions, since the Association will be taking the burden of coordinating efforts between different teams

This is one of the most exciting days for the project. Continuing on the success of the Mainnet launch and the AGP-1 vote, we are so proud of the direction the Aragon ecosystem is taking.

And today, I hope all the Aragon community gives the warmest of welcomes to Stefano!