Proof-of-Stake, EVM-compatible blockchain focused on DAOs

Faster and cheaper

Aragon Chain features faster and cheaper transactions, perfect for DAO interactions.

Proof of Stake

Aragon Chain uses a proven Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, Tendermint.

100% Ethereum-compatible

Aragon Chain has full compatibiliy with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

A new home for DAOs
Inexpensive, fast and built for DAOs

Today all DAOs have the hyperconnectivity that Ethereum provides. Aragon Chain trades that hyperconnectivity for fast and cheap transactions.

The latest tooling
Built on Cosmos SDK & Ethermint

Aragon Chain is the first chain using Ethermint, which enables it to be 100% compatible with Ethereum tooling and smart contracts.

Proven team
Pioneered by ChainSafe

The initial spec and implementation of Aragon Chain has been done by ChainSafe, the leading layer 1 team. ChainSafe works with the teams behind Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot and Cosmos itself.

Aragon Chain token
ARA as the native token

Similar to Aragon Court's model, validators will obtain ARA by staking ANT in a bonding curve.

Become a validator

Fill out the form below to become an Aragon Chain validator

How does Aragon Chain compare to Ethereum?

If you need hyperconnectivity, Ethereum may be better suited. Both platforms have different tradeoffs.

Aragon Chain

Less connected
Lower cost
Less network security


Higher cost
More network security


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