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Discover the unparalleled power to organize. Whether you want to collaborate with your co-founder, open a non-profit, or just organize an online community, Aragon is there for you.

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21st century organizations

Aragon organizations are digital natives. They live on Ethereum, a ledger secured by incentives and cryptography. No one can take your organization away from you.

Organizations that work for you

Aragon leverages smart contracts. They are like traditional contracts, but written in computer code and enforced by the blockchain. As efficient and automatic as it gets.

Global and bureaucracy-free

Aragon organizations are global from day one. Collaborate with people across countries or continents, without incurring into cumbersome bureau-crazy.

Fully customizable

With Aragon, you don’t need to pick a one-size-fits-all solution.
You can experiment with new kinds of human collaboration, just with a few clicks.

Democratic, if you want them to be

Creating a democratic organization is as easy as selecting the Democracy template. Votes are fully secure and tamper-proof. You can now empower entire communities.


No need to go through a huge stack of paper to figure out what’s going on. Thanks to Aragon, people in your organization can view your finances and any other data.

A universe of apps

Aragon organizations are fully modular. You can install apps that enhance your organization. Maybe you want a different voting process, or a different way to manage funds.



Aragon provides all the necessary tools for human collaboration. Aragon organizations are impossible to censor or shut down, escaping the boundaries of oppression and censorship.

About the project

Freeing the Marias of the world

Aragon represents a new chapter in the history of society. Read more on why decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems, with the example of Maria.

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