LexDAO: Tech-based solutions for legal problems

Need a lawyer who codes? Need a lawyer you don’t have to sell on web3? Welcome to LexDAO, a web3 native community of lawyers who collaborate to solve legal problems with code. They help create tech-based solutions for legal needs and open-source legal solutions wherever possible.

Notable projects include:

  • KaliDAO and wrappr.wtf - Free legal wrappers and dao governance.
  • Curia - On-chain and metaverse-centric arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution.
  • LexDAO Legal Clinic - Legal aid for Impact DAOs.
  • LexFG - Limited engagement and full service legal counsel.

Take your DAO from concept to construct, from loose community to autonomous juggernaut. Like no lawyers you’ve ever met, LexDAO sheds traditional firm structures and vows to fight Moloch with you. 

Through affiliated DAOs and projects, LexDAO can provide:

“Off the shelf” Legal Wrapping
Get your DAO wrapped ASAP. LexDAO offers simple legal wrappers with education and links to resources so you have all the information you need.
Impact DAO Legal Aid
Building a public good or Impact DAO? Check out LexDAO's nonprofit legal entity formation and consultation, so you can go back to changing the world.
Dispute Resolution Systems
Dispute resolution of web3 is a whole new beast. Find the mediation, arbitration, and dispute resolution system that works for your community.
Legal Entity consultation
Need a legal entity, but off-the-shelf doesn't cut it? Get a bespoke entity consultation and build your wrapper your way.
Risk Analysis
You don't know what you don't know. Get a risk analysis and compliance review from an expert to give you peace of mind.
Fundraising Legal Support
Not sure how to raise funds without drawing attention of the SEC? Legal support for your fundraising efforts has your back.

Aragon DAO Experts Program

Connecting DAO creators seeking support with the teams, resources, and tools in the space best able to assist and advise them

Discover experts
Being in the crypto legal space can feel like navigating a minefield while drinking from a firehose, or building a plane while flying blind. LexDAO is your trusted community of experts ready to stand by your side and help you navigate the space.
Led by:
Tertius: LexDAO Operator
Ross: KaliDAO, Wrappr
Matt a.k.a. Omen: LexFG
Bestape: LexDAO Legal Clinic
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