Opolis: Simplifying payroll, taxes, benefits, and retirement plans for DAO contributors worldwide

Being a DAO contributor doesn’t have to mean sacrificing healthcare and retirement plans or being stuck in a taxation gray area. With Opolis, DAO contributors receive the benefits of a traditional company without the regulatory headache. 

Opolis is a digital employment commons for U.S. contributors in which members both own the network and share benefits.

Some Opolis benefits include:

Automated payroll
Set up your LLC, deposit your paychecks into Opolis, and automatically get paid a set amount every two weeks.
Health, dental, and vision insurance
With Opolis, you don’t have to worry about buying your state’s health insurance—you can get a better rate and more flexibility with Opolis.
Put a portion of your paycheck into a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account to always have the money you need to cover co-pays and unforeseen health expenses.
Retirement plans
Put a portion of your paycheck in your retirement account every month and watch your savings grow.
Disability insurance
Protect you and your family if you became unable to work. Disability insurance helps you cover your expenses if the unforeseen occurs.

Opolis members also own a piece of the network for using the platform. Earn $WORK tokens for running payroll, using services, and referring friends. 

Opolis makes legal compliance simple:

Official employer of record
Opolis solves the W-2 tax form headache by functioning as your official employer of record and providing the forms you need.
Automatic tax withholdings
With Opolis, even though you have your own LLC or S-Corp, you don’t have to worry about cutting a check every three months. No more quarterly payments.
Unemployment insurance qualification
This safety net ensures you’re ready for anything, even if you lose your job.

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