Solidity Guild: Collective of web3 developers writing smart contracts for NFTs, games, protocols, and more

Solidity Guild is a collective of skilled web3 Solidity experts who write smart contracts for a variety of implementations. They bring your big ideas to life on the blockchain.

Already have smart contracts and need an audit turned around quickly? Reach out to the Solidity Guild about their contract roasting services: unofficial audits turned around in 48 hours with tips on best practices, gas savings, and security.

Solidity Guild has been busy. Check out some of their notable projects below:

Creator Cabins
a decentralized city built by creators, for creators.
Crypto Raiders
Gaming where players can collect loot by battling online in dungeons on the Polygon chain.
Swirl and Mint
AI generated art pieces that can be minted as NFTs.
Earned NFTs to align communities around their values and goals.
Collective Strangers
A members only group of 1000 strangers, photographers, and those passionate about the stories a photo can tell.

Dreaming up your next project? Here's what Solidity Guild can build for you:

Whether it’s generative art or NFT-enabled gaming, elevate your project with custom NFT tooling and integrations.
Use your fungible tokens to unlock the power of web3 fundraising, governance, and community-building. 
Staking and LP Rewards
Integrate staking into your project so users can earn yield on their assets to secure the network.
NFT marketplaces
Build the next big creator platform with a solid code base to start.
Create a platform where users can swap tokens, set slippage, and earn rewards for using it.
Token Vesting
Have a project, but need to reward long term contributors? Set up a token vesting schedule that reliably streams tokens to loyal contributors.

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