Work DAO: Seamless employment, built for web3

When you have a diverse network of contributors scattered all over the globe, it may feel nearly impossible to employ everyone in a legally compliant way. That’s why Work DAO handles all the compliance work for you, so you can feel confident that your contributors are protected.

Work DAO is the only globally compliant token payroll model for DAOs today. Their wrap-around legal and HR solution is registered in over 150 jurisdictions, so you can pay your contributors legally.

Work DAO offers:

Full stack employment solution
The Work DAO employment model is designed as a public good for everyone in web3, so contributors can get back to work without worrying about compliance.
Tax calculation
Don’t worry about keeping up with tax calculation—Work DAO instantly calculates your tax obligations, so you don’t have unexpected bills.
Contributor experience benefits
From health insurance to visa support, Work DAO provides FAANG-level benefits globally.

Work DAO envisions a future where tokenization is key to the next generation of employment models. So they work with regulatory bodies to update and redefine employment regulations to better suit the ethos of web3. 

With the power of Work DAO behind your organization, you can:

Save time and money
You won’t have to set up bespoke infrastructure to employ contributors globally, or face the legal risks of the set up being done incorrectly.
Seamlessly onboard and offboard contributors
Onboard new members and give them access to the benefits they need, so they can confidently join your DAO full-time.
Supercharge your HR team
Work DAO’s HR partners act as an extension of your HR team globally. Don't worry about hiring a bespoke team—lean on Work DAO's resources.
Own your IP without the hassle
Work DAO acts as your IP custodian, so you can own IP without the hassle.
Transition your traditional organization into a DAO
Request a comprehensive employment plan and legal expertise from Work DAO so you can start building your DAO confidently.

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The future of work doesn’t have to be in a regulatory gray area. Protect your contributors while providing world-class benefits and services, so you can get back to building.

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