Block Science


BlockScience is the creator of both the original Conviction Voting algorithm and cadCAD (complex adaptive dynamics Computer-Aided Design), open-source framework for research, design and validation of complex systems. Currently we are working with 1Hive and Aragon to upgrade, refactor, and create documentation that will allow community members to both understand the model and experiment with parameter choices and their impacts through simulation. Beyond our work on Conviction voting BlockScience works with a range of Aragon Ecosystem projects through the Commons Stack as well as education with a focus on computational social science applied to DAO design using cadCAD.

“BlockScience brings the engineering rigor necessary to design and validate robust decentralized systems, including but not limited to DAOs. These complex systems can be powerful coordination tools or financial disasters just waiting to happen… and BlockScience can help ensure your system is the former rather than the latter.”

Luke Duncan
Core Contributor, Aragon
Founder, 1Hive

“BlockScience has been an important pioneer in the field of token engineering. In addition to serving as active practitioners, they contribute to tools, methods and education. Many of the BlockScience team members are active participants in DAOs in addition to those the firm has worked with.”

Trent McConaghy
Founder, Ocean Protocol

“The Danish Red Cross deals with long complex risk. This complex risk requires approaches to understand the drivers of such risks, or more particularly the damages caused, and the methods best employed to minimize such damage or loss. Our long-standing partnership with BlockScience, which spans multiple technology driven programs, seeks to address these complex dynamics through a data science lens; and more specifically the operational side of data science. With a focus on community driven goals, rather than financial profit, BlockScience is unique in that for the first time, non-profit and humanitarian organizations, like the Red Cross can engage world class data scientists to design, develop, and deploy complex models that leverage machine learning and AI to address some of our most fundamental challenges focused on saving lives and enhancing resilience. Our relationship with BlockScience has had a transformative impact in how the Red Cross quantifies impact and implements data driven programs.”

Adam Bornstein
Lead, Innovative Finance & Systems Change, Danish Red Cross

Additional References:

  • Griff Green - Co-founder, The Commons Stack and Founder,
  • Eden Dhaliwal- Global Managing Director, Conflux Network and Advisor, Outlier Ventures
  • Thibauld Favre - CEO and Co-founder, Fairmint
  • Sebnem Rusitschka - Founder, Freeelio


  • Governance Mechanisms Advisory
  • Algorithmic Policy Design, Modeling, and Simulation
  • Token Engineering