Build a custom DAO on Aragon OSx

DAObox's mission is to make DAOs accessible to everyone, creating more transparent and inclusive governance for individuals and organizations. They do this by building custom plugins for DAOs on Aragon OSx and integrations with third party protocols.

If you're a DAO or protocol in need of a custom plugin, robust DAO architecture, or an intuitive frontend, DAOBox has you covered. Their team specializes in providing tailored solutions to enhance your Aragon OSx experience and unlock your organization's potential. Whether you're looking to revamp or fine-tune your existing DAO, they have the skills and knowledge to supercharge your DAO.

Expert services

Build a Custom DAO

Done-for-you custom plugins for DAOs on Aragon OSx.

Connect to the Ecosystem

Integration with 3rd party protocols.

Make it your own

Modify an existing DAO to better fit your needs.

Design & Developers
Developer and designer collective building tools to make DAOs accessible to everyone.

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