Making magic happen for Impact DAOs at any stage

General Magic offers full-service product, governance, and crypto-economic systems design for Impact DAOs. They’ve helped build and grow public goods projects such as Giveth, Commons Stack, Token Engineering Commons, clrFund, DAppNode, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and more.

Being immersed in the landscape of public goods, they have the knowledge and insights to support the ever growing demands of these organizations—both by integrating with existing teams and creating resources from scratch.

With deep roots in the Ethereum ecosystem, the General Magic team has web3 professionals for any need your Impact DAO has!

Expert services


From ideation to execution, General Magic has talented developers, designers, and product professionals to help you ship your dream product.

Governance systems

The GM team can help you design and develop the best governance process for your DAO’s unique needs, from the set up of your tech stack to proposal process creation.

Economic systems

Are you creating a DAO with a diverse group of stakeholders and a complex economic landscape? GM can help design the economic system that best fits your needs.

Whitelabel solutions

Custom whitelabel solutions allow you to build products under your own brand name, including swag shops, custom learning platforms, voting systems, and community tools.

Technical Support

Have a project that you need tech support for? Hire GM on a contract basis for all of your web3 development, design, smart contract, and DAO tech support needs.

Design & Development
General Magic
Solution services for Impact DAOs at any stage.

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