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IndieDAO gets DAOs. Indie offers professional, tailor-made design and development services to teams that need expert help. Providing a digital space for creatives and builders to express their passions and bring their ideas to reality is at the core of Indie's mission. Indie approaches every project with meticulous care, leveraging senior-level expertise and a wealth of cutting-edge technological experience to ensure unparalleled execution. Indie offers solutions-based professional services for full-stack app design, development, illustration, NFT projects, DAO products, and much more.

IndieDAO focuses on iterative collaboration, bringing learnings from hundreds of successful projects over 5+ years with infrastructure ready to scale. They use the power of web3, AI, and other world changing technologies to design how work gets done more efficiently with better rewards, aligned incentives, and higher chances of success.

Expert services

Aragon Custom App, Integration, or Implementation

Leverage Aragon to its fullest potential by bringing inventive ideas to our builders.

Rapid prototyping

Turn ideas into real concepts and market tests ASAP.

App development

Have a beautiful, seamless design for your product or service done for you.

App design

Have a beautiful, seamless design for your product or service done for you.

Architecture consulting

Get into the weeds on the fullstack setup of your product or service.


Bring an artist into the room to level-up your design and earn an edge over your competitors.

Design & Development
Professional design and development services for teams that need expert help.

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