The main purpose of this Association is to realize the NEDAO project: A platform that will allow residents from Canton of Neuchâtel to propose / support / vote / fund local innovative / cultural / educational projects.

The Association includes several actors, either from the IT industry, and from the academic world.

Through its members, the association can provide a broad range of expertise / skillsets:

  • I’m the president of the association, and I also am one of the partners with FBO Developments, as project manager and lead developer (full stack, Web3).
    I’ve been leading development project in industrial automation, energy management, enterprise management softwares (ERP, MES, etc) for 20 years, and from 2016 I specialized myself in smart contract, working essentially in the private sector, for traceability solutions (essentially for watchmakers, which is the main activity here).
    I teach smart contracts at the HEG and also applicability of smart contracts in industrial automation at FSRM
    I also have a small background in government related currencies. A quick scroll on my LinkedIn page should give you a hint about it.
  • Talk to Me is the leading partner for design, graphics, UI/UX studies. They are well known for transmedia experiences like Totemi, and their main challenge on the NEDAO project was to develop a UX that would allow onboarding even the less techies.
  • Uditis and Arcantel are both historical IT actors and have a massive experience in enterprise IT solutions. They can provide both infrastructure and full stack developments.
  • UNINE - Facutlé de Droit Is an important academic partner that has started research programs about DAO’s and their integration in the society. They will provide resources and publish papers along the project.
  • HEG’s Institut de Digitalisation des Organisations has its own name saying it all ! They work on modeling organizations and provide research that will help associations, foundations, SME’s and also big corporations, to include DAO mechanisms in some of their processes.
  • LE/AX is a law firm that has specialized in blockchain related businesses. They are notably behind the first incorporation of a company with a capital 100% funded in Bitcoin.
  • And finally, as institutional partners, we have the NECO, which has done an amazing work in the recent years, building a specialized ecosystem and helping companies to establish or relocate here. We can cite notably the Nym project, Condensat, and even people presumably involved in Eth2 development.


Contact : (a website dedicated to the association will be set online as the domain will be kept for the platform onboarding page)