Form, fund, and govern legal entities on the blockchain

The legal side of your DAO has never been so easy with Otoco.

Otoco provides fast and simple legal wrappers for DAOs. Use your Ethereum or Polygon wallet to create a Delaware LLC, Wyoming LLC, or Swiss association for your DAO to protect the liability of your members. These onchain entities are one of the fastest and simplest ways to get a legal wrapper today.

You can also mint tokens using Otoco. Whether you’re launching a governance token or raising capital, their no-code solution makes launching a token effortless.

Coming soon from the team is a fully tokenized LLC where tokens represent direct ownership of the corporation. Also on the horizon is a dAppstore that makes it simple to add more tooling and functionalities to your DAO.

Expert services

Wrap your DAO

With no-sweat, onchain legal entity creation straight from your Ethereum or Polygon wallet.

Mint your tokens

No need to write a single line of code—Otoco handles all the technical details of token launch and creation for you.

Shop for more plugins and tools

Find everything you need in their upcoming dAppstore, including legal templates, funding launch pools, and on-chain document signing.
Mint and manage your company onchain.

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