Raid Guild


We love Aragon, we like building things for and with Aragon. DAO’s DAO’s DAO’s all the way DAOwn!


  1. Full Stack Development, Web2 / Web3
  2. Design, Graphic/ Logo / UI/ UX
  3. Marketing, Strategy, Content Creation.
  4. Aragon DAO Design and Consultations.
Jonah Weinstein “As a client I’ve recently started working with RG, and it’s been nothing short of tremendous. RG kills it”
Spencer Graham “saveDAI came to Raid Guild looking for help building our dapp, and we were blown away with the level of talent and quality we got–so much so that one of us was inspired to join Raid Guild as a member!”
Gumshed “They have been great to work with. I’ve also given them a lot of leeway as far as design work goes so it’s cool to see people take things serious.”
The Mandalore “RaidGuild has been an amazing experience from start to finish, great guys in an awesome DAO and I’d highly recommend them for whatever the project”
Luis Cuende “Thanks to RaidGuild for building this!”


@Yalormewn on TG / Twitter / Discord