Design a tokenomics model that works

Turing Consulting combines qualitative analysis with quantitative stress testing models to ensure that your token economy is sustainable and successful in the longterm. Whether you've had a token for years or are just starting to consider a token, Turing Consulting can help you design the model that best fits your community.

Successful projects include Unlockd, maxAPY, IDC Games, Berserk, and more. Get in touch with Turing to take the uncertainty out of tokenomics!

Expert services

When you hire Turing, they will put your token model through three distinct phases:


Create your token economy from scratch to ensure the model generates value for the protocol and token holders by using the most advanced and battle-tested tokenomics techniques.

Stress Test and Audit

Model and stress test your new or existing design to understand how it behaves in extreme scenarios and where improvements can be made.


Get back to the drawing board to design improved mechanisms and parameters for your model.
Turing Consulting
Tokenomics models that generate sustainable value for protocols and DAOs.

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