The decentralized marketplace of vetted, non-technical freelancers in web3

To reach the nirvana of web3 mass adoption, we need non-technical experts to help drive solutions and standards across the industry. Twali believes the revolution, therefore, will be quite boring.

Twali empowers web3 projects across a range of verticals to help you achieve your goals seamlessly. Their verticals include (but are not limited to): accounting, legal, tax, marketing, public relations, human resources, product strategy, community building, and many more.

Expert services

Legal counsel

Remove gray areas from your project. Let Twail's legal and compliance experts do the heavy lifting.


Anything from day to day management of the books all the way to a fractional CFO, Twali has a solution.


Grow your community, find your users, and leverage the power of web3 marketing tools.

Product strategy

Have a fresh pair of eyes take a look at your exciting work and help you work out the kinks.

Human resources

Make HR simple and seamless with expert consultation on payroll, hiring, organizational structure, and more.
Full Service
Twali supports web3 projects with curated expertise and execution across a range of non-technical verticals, such as compliance, legal, accounting, tax, marketing, tokenomics, and many more. The revolution will be quite boring.

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