Infinitely scale your asset management strategy

Weezi is a simple, easy to use treasury management interface for DAO asset managers. This tool aggregates all your DAO’s treasuries in one place with sophisticated integrations to grow your treasury safely.

Instead of keeping your funds in a multisig and trying to decide when to buy and swap tokens, migrate your treasury to Weezi to make asset management a breeze. Simply set up your DAO and initiate votes when it’s time to add a new asset to your warchest.

The Weezi process is just four steps:

  • Step 1: Deploy your DAO: Add your ENS name, governance token, and community information to get started.
  • Step 2: Customize parameters for your users: Set voting thresholds and standards, so treasury management votes receive the right treatment in your governance process.
  • Step 3: Select and customize investment strategies: Weezi provides a variety of investment strategies to make investing easy. Or, you can build your own strategy to best fit your needs.
  • Step 4: Manage everything in one interface: No more switching between apps to execute transactions. Keep everything in one place on Weezi’s simple asset manager.

Expert services

Keep full control

You keep the custody of your crypto—no one can access your vault without admin tokens.

Manage all treasuries from one place

No matter how many treasuires you have in your DAO, everything can be accessed from one simple dashboard that you grant access to.

Have your accounting done for you

Automatic accounting means no more endless spreadsheets or costly quarterly reporting. Everything is done for you, accessible 24/7.

Involve the community

With both Admin and Community tokens, you control who has decision power over your treasury. Admins vote on treasury decisions and community members determine who admins are.

Integrate and automate

With tons of automations and integrations to choose from, including KYC, AML, legal wrappers, and more, you can keep your DAO compliant while not spending too much time managing your assets.

Determine privacy

You choose if your DAO is private or public on Weezi dashboards with the simple click of a button.
Simple CRM for DAO asset management.

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