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A simple and flexible framework for powerful Optimistic DAOs


Less than 500 lines of code, easy to learn


Easy to modify and adapt, can be implement in under a day


Free and totally secure voting system

Aragon Voice
A new gasless and universally verifiable voting solution

The ultimate solution for creating and managing proposals and voting in a decentralized, cost-effective, and secure manner.

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True govern
Goodbye, multi-sig governance

Multi-sig governance is a common stop on the road to decentralization — it can also be tricky to know where to go next. But what if projects could bypass it completely or if not, gradually transition from MSG to a true community governed DAO? That's what Govern delivers.

For everything
Optimistic games

There's a lot more Aragon Govern and Protocol can do besides Optimistic Voting. A new class of cryptoeconomic 'games' that allow developers to write protocols in plain English, rather than code.


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The future of DAOs
Learn more about using Govern, the latest developer-focused technology stack for building DAOs with off-chain voting.

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Learn more about the different pieces of infrastructure to build of global, permissionless and decentralized communities — DAOs.

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