How to create DAO proposals with the Aragon App

If you haven’t launched your DAO yet, go to and click “create a DAO.” Then, follow the steps in the DAO creation flow to launch your DAO in just a few minutes. Or, read this guide to get started.

Proposals are a core decision-making process DAOs use to coordinate today and are a central component of the Aragon App. So, let's cover how to conduct this essential process in your organization!

In this guide, we’ll cover the six simple steps to create DAO proposals in the App.

1: Click “Create a Proposal” from the DAO Dashboard

Your DAO Dashboard is your home base for your organization. Here, you’ll find the button to launch the proposal creation flow. 

Or, you can click “Governance” in the top menu bar and then click “New Proposal.”

2: Write a title, summary, and description of the proposal

Write a concise title that explains what your proposal is about, and add a summary so voters can get a sense for your proposal quickly. Then, write the full text of the proposal in the text box below. You can also add links to relevant resources, like a link to the original proposal on your DAO forum or to a tweet thread where voters can share it.

3: Initiate the vote

In this step, you’ll set when the vote will start and how long it will last. You can choose to start the vote now or at a specific date and time in the future. 

The duration will be automatically set to the minimum duration you chose when you created your DAO.

4: Set automatic actions (optional)

If your proposal calls for something to happen onchain if it passes, such as send funds to a wallet address, this is where you set those actions. If you want the proposal to be a signaling proposal with no onchain action, you can skip this step.

If you choose to set automatic actions, you can choose to withdraw funds or add members (by minting tokens or adding a wallet to the authorized list). More options for actions and parameters are coming soon!

If you choose to withdraw assets, you will set the recipient, token, and amount. 

You can have multiple actions execute in the same transaction by clicking the “Add Action” button on the bottom.

If you want to duplicate, reset, or remove this action, click the three dots in the right corner. 

If you choose to mint tokens, you will determine how many and to which wallet they will be distributed. You can see the allocation percentage increase as you mint more tokens, so you know how much governance power the new token holder will have. 

5: Review your proposal

Review everything in your proposal to make sure it’s correct, because you can’t edit it after it’s been published. If you need to add anything you missed, like automatic actions, you can do so in this step. 

6: Publish!

Click “Publish proposal” and sign the wallet transaction and pay the gas fees associated with the blockchain your DAO is on.

Your proposal will be visible on your DAO governance page and dashboard. Voters have the allotted time you set to make their decisions and cast their votes!

Ready to launch your DAO and create your first proposal?

Get started on the Aragon App today! Launch the Aragon App and click “Create a DAO” to start building your organization onchain. 

For more resources on how to build your DAO, check out our education portal packed with guides on everything from treasury management to community building. 

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