How to enable notifications for your DAO using Push Protocol

DAO members often struggle to keep up with everything happening in their DAO. From proposals to votes to actions that need to be executed, member participation often decreases over time in DAOs. 

One way to address this is by implementing a notification system for your DAO, so members have a source of truth to find important information. 

DAOs built on Aragon can use the Push Protocol notification system to inform the members of your DAO whenever a vote or proposal is live! 

They can opt into the notifications and receive them whenever a new proposal is posted, a vote begins, a proposal is executed, and more. This significantly improves the user experience for your DAO members, enabling a healthy, thriving organization through voter participation. 

Let’s cover the steps to enable Push Protocol in your DAO so your members can enable it and ensure they never miss another decision:

How to enable notifications for a DAO built on the Aragon App on Ethereum or Polygon

1: Go to and connect your wallet, or go to the link below

Either type in or go to this link to go directly to the Aragon channel:   

2: Connect the wallet you used to create or interact with your DAO on Aragon

Make sure the wallet you connect is the one you used to create or interact with your DAO. If you connect a wallet that isn’t part of the DAO (by being an allowlisted member or holding tokens) you will not receive notifications.

3: Select the chain your DAO is built on

You can choose Ethereum or Polygon. If your wallet is already connected to your desired channel, the Push App will automatically switch to that channel. 

4: (If you didn’t use the link provided above) Search for “Aragon” in the search bar

5: Click “Opt in” and sign a transaction

When you click “Opt in,” a transaction will become available to sign. You don’t need to pay any gas to do so. 

Now, you’re successfully opted in to the notifications channel!

6: Optional: Download the browser extension or mobile app 

You can see the notifications in Push browser. But if you would like to receive notifications in a browser extension or mobile app, you can download them here:

Browser extension and App options

How to view your DAO’s notifications

1: Go to and connect the wallet you used to enable notifications

Bookmark Push for easier access next time!

2: Click “inbox” to see all notifications

4: To open a notification, click on it to launch the proposal/vote in the Aragon App

See that a vote is live and want to participate? Simply click on the notification and a new tab will open with your organization’s vote. 

3: Optional: Filter by notifications using the search bar in the top right corner

You can filter notifications by keyword, start and end date, and DAO. 

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Create a DAO and start experimenting with governance at the speed of software today! 

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