How to Launch a DAO on the Aragon App

The Aragon App is the easy, no-code solution to building DAOs on-chain. Built to be simple and fast, this App makes it easy to start building toward your vision today! With the Aragon App, you can:

  • Define membership by minting and distributing tokens or allowlisting wallets
  • Set governance parameters
  • Enable settings like early execution and vote change
  • Create proposals
  • Cast votes
  • Manage your DAO’s treasury
  • Onboard new members into your DAO through a simple homebase

Let’s walk through how to build your own DAO on Aragon App! 

As we continue to add more features, follow the prompts in the Aragon App closely for the latest options.

1. Open the Aragon App and connect your wallet

First, click this link to launch the Aragon App. You’ll find the homepage, which includes links to creating a DAO and our education portal of resources for DAO builders.

Connect the wallet that you’ll use to deploy your DAO. You might want to distribute tokens to this wallet or add it to the allowlist, in order to vote in your DAO, so keep that in mind when choosing which wallet address you're using.

2. Click “Create a DAO” to launch the creation flow

Click the “Create a DAO” button. This will launch a preview of the creation flow you’re about to go through.

Then, click “Build your DAO” to continue on to the next step.

4. Choose your blockchain

Now, choose your blockchain. You can choose between Ethereum mainnet or testnet. Stay tuned for deployment on more chains!

5. Set your DAO’s name, logo, and subdomain

In this step, you’ll set your DAO’s name, dao.eth subdomain, logo, and description. If you’re not sure about your DAO’s branding yet, know that you can change these settings later with a vote! You can also add links, such as to your DAO's website, Discord, Lens, or Twitter. These will appear at the top of your DAO homepage so members can easily find them.

6. Choose your membership: token holders or multisig members

Now, choose between two options for membership: token holders or multisig members. If you don’t have a team to distribute governance to, you can always start with just one wallet (yours!) or mint a few tokens and distribute them all to your wallet. You can mint more tokens or add more wallets with a vote.

If you choose to mint tokens, you'll select the name of the token and the symbol. You'll also mint a few initially and distribute them to wallets. Right now, we don't have support for existing tokens, but we will share information on a migration option soon.

If you're not sure which option to choose, this guide explains the advantages and tradeoffs of token and wallet voting.

7. Select governance settings

Now, we’ll define the settings that makes governance run. For multisig voting, you’ll just need to set minimum approval. This is the number of wallets that need to approve a transaction for it to be passed.

For token voting, you’ll need to set support threshold, which is the percentage of voters that need to vote “yes” for a vote to pass. This is typically set at 50%. 

You’ll also need to set minimum participation rate, which is the percentage of tokens that need to participate in a vote for it to be valid. 

For help on all of these settings, check out our guide on governance thresholds.

You will also need to set minimum vote duration, which is the minimum amount of time a vote can be live. 

Next, you can choose to turn Early Execution on, which means that if a vote meets support threshold and minimum participation, it will conclude before the duration set. If you turn on Early Execution, you can’t allow Vote Change, which is when voters can change their vote during the voting period. If you disable Early Execution, you can have Vote Change.

8. Check that all settings are correct

Before you deploy your DAO, doublecheck that all settings are correct and take note of what is changeable with a vote later on. The only things that are not changeable are the blockchain you choose and the name of the token you mint. Everything else is changeable with a vote!

If you need to edit a section, simply click the "Edit" button and it will take you back to the relevant page without losing your progress.

9. Deploy your DAO

To deploy, you’ll sign a wallet transaction and pay the network gas fees. Then, wait a few moments for your DAO to be built onchain!

10. Launch your DAO homepage and begin exploring the Aragon App!

Now, launch your homepage. This is where you will create proposals, cast votes, add more members, and manage your treasury. Now you can start governing your DAO!

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