How to make your DAO discoverable on DAO Base (formerly The Pass)

Have a DAO on the Aragon App, but want a way to make it more discoverable in the ecosystem so you can attract new members and share your mission with the world? We’ve partnered with the largest DAO aggregator and treasury tracking platform, to make it easy to claim your DAO’s custom page so more people can find it, making onboarding smoother for both DAOs and members.

DAO Base makes it easy to search and discover DAOs. Each DAO has an analytics page, where you can see treasury information, governance history, social media links, and more data about each organization. As someone searching for a DAO to join, you can find all the information you need without having to switch platforms. And with over 30,000 DAOs tracked, you can be confident that the DAO you’re looking for is there! 

In this guide, we’ll cover how to claim your DAO on DAO Base so more people can discover your organization, get caught up on important information like governance history, and then open it on the Aragon App!

Let’s cover some of the information you can find on DAO Base and then dive into claiming your own DAO page for better discoverability. 

Search DAOs on the Leaderboard 

The DAO Base leaderboard is sorted by treasury size. You can filter DAOs by category, such as protocol DAO, collector DAO, and media DAO. 

You can also filter by governance type and blockchain to get a more specific picture of what you’re looking for. 

Find similar DAOs grouped in Ecology

Under the “Ecology” tab, you can find DAOs grouped by certain ecosystems, including Nouns DAO, DeSci, Bankless DAO, and Music. This makes it easier to find DAOs that might interact with each other or have similar purposes. 

Dive deep on each DAO’s profile page

Treasury: a transparent look into the DAO’s finances

Treasury transparency is key for new members to have an understanding of your DAO’s history and current financial health. On each DAO profile page you can find information about the DAO’s treasury, such as value, tokens held, and past activity. 

Governance: get caught up with proposal history

Joining a new DAO can feel intimidating for new members, because they might not have all the context they need about the organization to make informed decisions. 

See vote history, top voters, governance activity, and more on the Governance tab. Clicking on the platform link sends you to the proposal creation flow in the Aragon App, so you can start working on a new proposal immediately! 

Membership: get a full picture of who’s in the DAO

One of the challenging parts of joining a DAO is that it can take a long time to learn about the members in the organization. The Membership tab makes it easy to get a fuller picture of the DAO through its members.

You can sort membership by voting power, delegations, proposals voted on, and proposals created to get a more detailed picture of the organization. Each membership card shows you the other DAOs the member is involved in, making it easier to find interests in common! 

Now that you’ve seen what information DAO Base shows, let’s cover how to claim your DAO so more information appears! 

How to claim your DAO for better discoverability 

If you already have a twitter account for your DAO that is added as a link to your DAO Dashboard on the Aragon App, skip to step 4. 

1: Create a Twitter/X account for your DAO 

DAO Base verifies DAOs through Twitter/X accounts, so if you haven’t already, you will need to create an account for your DAO.  

When creating your account, add your DAO’s branding assets, such as name, logo, and description to your account. For the website, add the link to your DAO dashboard, so new members can find it. Tweet and tag @Aragonproject so we can find your DAO and say hello!

2: Add your Twitter/X account to your DAO’s profile page on the Aragon App through a proposal

Now, you will need to add the Twitter/X handle to your DAO dashboard. From your DAO in the Aragon App, go to “Settings” and scroll down to click “Edit Settings.” This launches a proposal to edit DAO details and governance parameters. 

Add the twitter account as a link, then click “Review proposal” to proceed through the rest of the proposal flow. 

3: If the proposal passes, execute it and wait about four hours for the metadata to update in DAO Base

Members will need to vote on the proposal. If it passes, any wallet can execute the action. This will confirm the update to your DAO’s settings and make the change official!

DAO Base will take about four hours to update, so come back later to finish the rest of the flow. 

4: Open The Pass. From their DAO Leaderboard, search your DAO’s name. 

After you’ve waited a few hours, open the DAO Leaderboard page on DAO Base. Search your DAO’s name and click on it to open up the DAO’s page. 

If your DAO is not appearing, make sure the settings are on “All” for type of DAO and either “All” or your blockchain for the blockchain setting. If you've created your DAO in the last 2 weeks, it might not appear yet and you will need to check back in a few days.

5: Open your DAO’s page and click “Claim and Share.”

“Claim and Share” is a label on the profile picture in the left corner. 

6: Click “Claim.”

They need to verify that you are the owner of the DAO’s twitter account. This will direct to twitter to automatically verify. Make sure you're logged into the DAO's twitter account on the same browser for it to verify with the correct account.

7: Now the claim is complete! Open up your DAO’s page to see analytics displayed

The process is complete! Now you have a custom DAO analytics page to share with your community, powered by DAO Base. 

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