How to mint DAO governance tokens with the Aragon App

DAO governance tokens are cryptocurrencies minted on a blockchain that are used like voting chips. Wallet addresses hold DAO tokens and use them to vote. If you want your organization to vote using tokens, you may want to mint DAO governance tokens for your own organization!

To mint DAO tokens using the Aragon App, you will need to first create a DAO, which takes less than 10 minutes. If you have not created a DAO yet, check out this guide and this video

Once you’ve created your DAO, start from the DAO homepage. You will see a navigation bar at the top. Now, let’s go through the process of minting DAO tokens! 

1: Click “Community” in the top navigation bar. 

You will see the number of members in your DAO. Now click “mint tokens.”

2: Click “Mint Tokens”

Click the “Mint Tokens” button to launch the minting flow. 

3: Enter the number of tokens you would like to mint

As you increase the number of tokens, the percentage allocation increases so you can see how many tokens the new wallet address will receive. You can also see the total number of token holders, total tokens, and other information that gives you an overview of where tokens are being held in your organization!

4: Choose a start time and end date for the vote

You will need to pass a vote to mint the tokens. In this step, choose when you want your vote to start and and if you’d like the vote to be live for a set duration of time, or end at a specific date and time. 

5: Create a proposal

Now, add information so people can vote on the proposal. For governance proposal best practices, read this guide. You can also add body text if you need to explain the token minting in more detail, as well as links to resources like a forum post, tweet, Lens post, or something else. 

6: Review the proposal

Check over the proposal for any mistakes. You can’t edit it once it’s been posted. 

7: Sign a wallet transaction to publish the proposal

Click “Publish proposal” at the bottom of the page. This will launch a wallet transaction. Sign the transaction and pay the gas fees required for the blockchain you chose.

8: Once the proposal passes, your tokens will be minted!


Now, wait for the proposal to pass. If it passes, your tokens will be minted and the wallet address will be assigned the new tokens. 

Get started minting DAO governance tokens today!

You can launch your DAO and mint tokens to govern your organization on the Aragon App today! There are more guides to explore in our DAO builder’s library

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