The world’s first digital jurisdiction

Decentralized organizations change the way we think about organizations.
The Aragon Network will change the way you think about jurisdictions and governments.


Effective dispute resolution

The Aragon Network encompasses a set of courts, which can be used to settle disputes. By using smart contracts, cases can be closed way faster than in traditional courts. Fairness for everyone.

Anonymity and trust, together

Mom probably advised you not to interact with strangers. But thanks to the Aragon Network, you can transact with people who are using aliases, or stay anonymous yourself. You can open disputes if someone misbehaves.

Insured agreements

You can agree on a minimum and maximum deposit of tokens upon creating a new agreement on the Aragon Network. These deposits can be used to penalize bad behaviour, warranting good behaviour.


Shape it yourself

The Aragon Network is not only a digital jurisdiction, but one in which you can make your voice heard. The Aragon Network will be governed by the community, just like the Aragon project itself.

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