Aragon Network Token

Where governance, services, and value meet


ANT holders govern the network, including protocol upgrades and parameters.


Usage of network services drives value to ANT and connected tokens like ANJ.

Shape the future

ANT holders play a key role in shaping Aragon’s future by governing protocol parameters and upgrades. Join the ANT community and help shape the future of human coordination.

Aragon DAOs
Building better communities

Aragon's suite of applications and services enable new forms of global communities to organize around common resources like never before.

What's a DAO?
As a bellwether of purely-software based jurisdictions, Aragon is onto something, and we recommend getting involved if the cause calls to you.
Chris Burniske
Aragon Court

A jurisdiction from the future

Aragon Court enables brand new organizational forms to flourish by introducing minority protection to digital communities.

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Aragon Chain

A public blockchain
optimized for Aragon

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What is ANT?
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What makes ANT valuable?
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Why use bonding curves?
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Who holds ANT?
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