Aragon Product Council

The Product Council will be made of infrastructure builders who will manage funds, advise product development, and oversee the governance of Aragon’s DAO framework.
Aragon DAO
Code at the center, humans at the edges

Continuing the mission in a product-focused structure

The participation criteria for the new Product Council will be:  
  • Ethereum infrastructure builders
  • Experience building on, supporting, using, or integrating with Aragon products
The Aragon Project’s mission is to provide the most flexible and secure tools for creating and managing decentralized organizations, allowing everyone to experiment with governance at the speed of software.

The new product-focused structure will enable those who are most aligned with the project’s mission—its users and partners—to take a leading role. The goal of this new structure is to set a solid foundation for success, by onboarding Product Council members who are long-term users of Aragon’s DAO framework and partners who align with the project’s values.
Structure of the Council
The Product Council will operate in a multisig, wrapped in a Swiss non-profit association, using the Aragon App.
Code at the center, humans at the edges

Role of Council Members

1: Manage funds

The Product Council will receive and manage funds dedicated towards advancing Aragon’s mission.

2: Advise product development

By putting decision-making in the hands of those who are most directly affected by our products, Aragon will be in a better position to serve industry needs.

3: Oversee governance

As Aragon OSx matures and development velocity can safely reduce, its ownership can become increasingly distributed across a broad and diverse group of stakeholders. The Product Council will oversee this process.
Wrapped ANT (wANT)

Building the Product Council

Outreach and recruitment will begin shortly. Anyone who builds Ethereum infrastructure, has experience with Aragon products, and is interested in participating in the Product Council can reach out here.
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Aragon OSx

The DAO framework with security and modularity at its core—built to enable organizations we can't yet imagine today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the Aragon DAO?

To participate in the Aragon DAO, you need to hold Aragon Network Token ($ANT). ANT holders need to wrap their tokens into wANT to vote. Read our in-depth guide on how to participate in the DAO, wrap your tokens, and vote here.

How does high-level strategy work in the Aragon DAO?

Anyone can propose a strategy for the Aragon DAO. Delegates may want to endorse a strategy that they use to guide their voting choices. One strategy that has been endorsed by token holders is to become a governance hyperstructure. You can find it here on Github.

What type of governance structure does the Aragon DAO use?

Aragon DAO is a delegated voting DAO, meaning you can delegate to a representative to vote for you. However, it’s not required to delegate if you’d like to cast votes independently.

How do I stay up to date on proposals and votes?

Subscribe to The Eagle, a weekly newsletter covering everything happening in Aragon, to get updates on when votes are happening.

Continuing the mission in a product-focused structure