Aragon exists to empower people, starting with our own community.
The project is community-governed, and we are committed to decentralizing control.


Aragon is a project run by its community.

Aragon is governed by Aragon Network Token (ANT) holders. You can participate in governance by voting with ANT.

About ANT

What is an AGP?

AGP stands for Aragon Governance Proposal, a document that proposes a change to the governance of the Aragon project. Community members create and review proposals following AGP-1: The Aragon Governance Proposal Process.

Read AGP-1

Stage i

Select AGP Track
Before you spend time working on a proposal, make sure the proposal complies with AGP-1 and has a chance of passing review by the AGP Editors and your peers.

Stage ii

During Stage II you should seek feedback on your AGP idea by sharing it with your peers in the Aragon community and soliciting their feedback. Be open-minded and respectful of all feedback you receive.
Aragon forum

Stage iii

Draft Proposal
After you have asked the Aragon community whether an idea has any chance of support and have received sufficient feedback to feel confident going forward, you can create a draft AGP as a pull request to the AGP repo.
Draft AGPs

Stage iv

Final Proposal
The Association board review session begins two weeks before the next Aragon vote cycle is scheduled to begin and ends one week before the next vote cycle is scheduled to begin.
Board review

Stage v

Aragon Network Vote
All AGPs that have moved to Stage V since the last Aragon Network vote cycle and have been approved by the Association board are included on the ballot in the current vote cycle.
Vote announcements

Create your proposal

Do you have an idea for how to improve Aragon? Create an Aragon Governance Proposal and share your idea with the community.

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Learn about ANT

The Aragon Network Token (ANT) is used to govern the Aragon Network. The quickest way to acquire ANT is to buy some on an exchange.

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