Aragon Nest

Aragon is re-inventing the future of organizations. But we cannot do it alone.
Nest was born to help the ecosystem flourish.


A thriving ecosystem


Millions given away in grants


Teams working together


People making their dreams possible


Applications to the program

Fully transparent

Aragon Nest is run in the open. We want to remain transparent to our community and the grant applicants. Everything going on in Nest is reflected in GitHub.

Nest in GitHub

Apply now

We are looking for people that want to help the Aragon and Ethereum ecosystems advance. If you believe you have a proposal for the program, read more and apply.


Our eaglets

Olivier Sarrouy

Entering the Aragon Nest program is not (only) about getting funded. It is about entering a community whose every member is committed to help every others to pursue a common goal: working toward the decentralization of human worlds.

Yalda Mousavinia

Every time I scroll through @AragonProject's github repo for Nest it makes me so inspired about the future. What is happening here is next level and it will become even more next level as more organizations cross-pollinate here. Stoked to be in the Nest.

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