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Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.
Mobile experienceAragon One

Responsive view

Make the platform and core apps responsive so Aragon can be used from mobile browsers such as Status or Cipher.

Identity experienceAragon One

Local identity (custom labels)

As an intermediate solution for the full Aragon identity experience, we will allow people to create custom local labels to identify addresses that represent different members of the organization.


Finalize Planning Suite

Finalize the development of the Planning Suite, which enables issue curation, allocating bounties as a DAO, budgeting via range voting, and on-chain mapping of human-readable names to Ethereum addresses.

App centerAragon One

Upgrading apps from the UI

Provide users with a secure way to upgrade app versions, fixes for features or enhancements to already installed/in use apps.

Agent applicationAragon One

Agent application

This application will enable organizations to interact natively with other web3 applications (including other Aragon organizations).


Rewards App

Allow organizations to distribute payments to token holders based on the number of tokens earned in a specific period (one-time reward) or based on total holdings (dividend).

UX improvementsAragon One

Payroll app

This app will allow organizations to manage on-chain salary payments and for employees to request payments and see their available balance.

UX improvementsAragon One

Notifications & user feedback

Implement an activity panel that will provide people information about ongoing and past transactions as well as a toast component for immediate feedback on users’ actions.

UX improvementsAragon One

Concierge project

Guided on-boarding of projects interested in collaborating with Aragon or using Aragon tools for their governance needs.


Organization Identity

Allow organizations to manage their manifesto, mission statement, values, code of conduct, and contact information so it’s easily accessible to prospective and current members of the organization.


Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.
App centerAragon One

Browsing, installing & uninstalling apps

Enhance app discovery and app management for end users. Expand the on-boarding and app center experience.

Identity experienceAragon One

Individual identity

Allow individuals to create and manage their user profiles, mapping their address to a human readable name that can be used to interact with apps within the organization.


Rich User Profiles

Allow individuals to associate additional details to their identity such as Github commit history, work history, portfolios, and membership to other Aragon organizations.


Data Storage and Standards

Design the implementation strategy and information architecture for user profiles and contextual discussions. Document infrastructure solutions and recommendations for Aragon apps that require fast and queryable data that is hosted on distributed storage.

UX improvementsAragon One

Organizations templates

Research new organizational models, define the apps and permissions required to realize them and create kits that people can use.

Identity experienceAragon One

Organization identity & membership

Allow users to create and manage their organizations’ profiles, providing an intuitive way to add members to a given organization and granting them permissions & privileges.


Reputation Support

Expand governance possibilities by providing more features for reputation-based organizations, including the ability to allocation non-transferable tokens in place of (or in addition to) traditional bounties.

Lorikeet design systemAragon One

aragonSDK: Split aragonUI and Lorikeet

Push Lorikeet as an ecosystem-wide project, while still providing an Aragon-opinionated experience with aragonUI


Expanded Forwarder Options

Allow for more tightly coupled forwarder interactions where the forwarded call data can be leveraged and modified within the Forwarder contract.


High level areas of focus with a broader and flexible scope

Flexible App Development

Enhance aragonAPI to support the development of apps with a single front-end and multiple contracts, and for contract data to be displayed across multiple user interfaces without coupling at the contract level.

Mobile experienceAragon One

Native mobile app

Build native mobile Aragon client so users can benefit from device and OS specific capabilities.

Flexible permissionsAragon One

Conditional permissions

Allow users to set and manage time-based and conditional permissions.


Organization Branding

Allow organizations to customize their branding by offering at least three additional color palettes, including the ability to change the background image so it’s different than the Aragon eagle.

App centerAragon One

Incentivisation model for app developers

Provide app developers with different monetisation models to create revenue from the apps they publish in the Aragon App Center.

Flexible permissionsAragon One

Budgeting app

Enable organizations to plan and control their financial resources by setting time based permissions like budgeting.


Contextual Discussions

Develop a design pattern and component for contextual discussions within Aragon, and implement it one application to showcase the feature, such as the Voting app.

Developer resourcesAragon One

aragonOS: Global emergency failsafe

Provide an opt-in failsafe for organizations and individual apps to safely freeze their state during times of emergency.

Developer resourcesAragon One

aragonSDK: Continuously improve developer experience

Reduce time for developers to get up and running with using the aragonSDK and add features they request to it.


We value the feedback & ideas from the community

Please let us know if there something important for you that is not included in this roadmap and we’ll take it into consideration when planning our quaterly efforts.

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