Handles subjective disputes with Aragon Protocol

Helping communities protect shared resources so they can focus on moving forward.

Earn income online

Earn guardian rewards from anywhere with an internet connection by successfully adjudicating disputes

Flexible scheduling

You decide when to make yourself available to rule on court cases or take a break and go offline

Meaningful work

Help people around the world access justice with more convenience and lower costs than traditional courts

Aragon Protocol
Aragon Court becomes Aragon Protocol

The new scope of the protocol opens up several areas of research. Keep in mind some of these are still early ideas towards an Aragon Protocol v2 and they are subject to change.

Aragon Guardians
Aragon Jurors become Aragon Guardians

Aragon Protocol will soon be live on Ethereum mainnet. You can become a guardian by staking ANT.

Make decisions that matter

Make an impact on the lives of people who rely on Aragon Protocol as a last resort when they cannot settle a dispute on their own.

See dispute examples


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