How to use dApp Connect

dApp Connect Alpha enables DAOs to connect to external dApps using WalletConnect to add onchain actions such as swapping, staking, and lending to proposals. If the proposal passes, the action can be executed.

Not every dApp can be connected to DAOs due to their own signature requirements. We are working with projects across the industry to create a better DeFi experience for DAOs. Join our Discord to let us know what dapps you’ve used and get support! 

Here are some dApps that work well with DAOs to try out: 

Now, let’s cover how to use dApp Connect on the Aragon App!

1: Start a new proposal in your DAO

From the home page, click Governance, then “New Proposal.” Start your proposal by creating a title, description, and body. 

2: Initiate the vote

Next, set the voting parameters. These will not affect the ability of the dApp to execute the actions, so set the parameters that work best for your organization. 

3: Click “Add Action” then “Connect dApp”

Click "Add Action" to open up the menu of onchain actions your DAO can take. Then choose to “Connect dApp.” 

4: Open a new tab with the dApp you want to connect to. Copy the wallet connect address.

Keeping the Aragon App tab open, open a new tab with the dApp you want to connect to. Click “connect wallet” and choose “Wallet Connect,” then copy the address. 

5: Click “Connect New dApp” and paste in the dApp’s wallet connect address

After clicking "Connect new dApp," you'll have a text box to paste in the dApp's wallet connect address. This will create the connection. Click the back arrow to access the dApp.

6: Open the new connection and click the link to access it

You'll The dialogue box will say “Listening for Actions.” That means you haven’t added any yet. Click the link that leads to the dApp. 

7: Input your desired actions in the dApp interface

You’ll see your DAO address connected. Now, use the dApp to input your actions. In this case, we’re swapping tokens. Stop before anything requiring a signature.

8: Navigate back to the Aragon App tab and click “Add Action”

Instead of confirming with your wallet like you do when using a personal wallet, go back to your tab with the Aragon App open and click “Add Action.”

9: You can add another action, or click “Next” to complete the proposal

You can add multiple actions in one proposal by clicking "Add Action" to open the menu of onchain actions. Or, click “Next” to continue to the next step in publishing the proposal. 

10: Review the proposal and publish

Check over the proposal and sign a transaction to publish it. 

11: Wait for DAO members to vote. If the proposal passes, the action can be executed

If the proposal passes, scroll to the bottom of the proposal page to execute it. Then, the onchain action will be executed! Check back on your Finance page to see the actions that have been executed. 

Trustlessly interact with DeFi applications from your DAO

Start using dApp Connect on the Aragon App to increase security and trustlessness for your DAO.

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