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The DAO framework with security and modularity at its core

Build a custom DAO with just a few lines of code.

What can you do with Aragon OSx?

Our adaptable, modular framework is built to enable organizations we can't yet imagine today.

Build and manage DAOs

Build and manage DAOs

Deploy and run custom DAOs programmatically directly within your dApp.
Customize your DAO

Customize your org

Extend the functionality of what DAOs can do with governance plugins.
Evolve and adapt your DAO

Evolve and adapt

Our permission management system grants and revokes permissions, so your organization can evolve with your needs.

Build your DAO with just a few lines of code

Build your own DAO Plugin

Enable adaptable organizations

Build your own plugin

Extend the functionality of your DAO with a custom governance plugin.

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Aragon Protocol


Secure, modular, and lean, the Aragon OSx protocol is your go-to DAO building framework for adaptable organizations.
Aragon SDK


A Software Development Kit built with dApp builders in mind. Your gateway into the Aragon OSx protocol.
Icon Aragon Developer Portal

Developer Portal

Ready to start building? Our Developer Portal contains all the information you need to get started.