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DAO Frame­work

Secure. Flexible. Future-proof.

Secure your protocol and assets with onchain governance

Build and manage DAOs

Minimize trust

Reduce centralization risks by managing every stage of governance onchain—from proposal to execution.
Customize your DAO

Safeguard permissions

Keep your governance process safe by setting granular permissions with specific parameters.
Evolve and adapt your DAO

Safely decentralize

Evolve your governance with safe and seamless code upgrades approved through your governance process.

Customize your governance

Aragon OSx enhances security and flexibility by isolating governance logic into modular plugins, making governance contracts safer and faster to customize. 

Install existing open-source plugins or build new ones to meet your unique governance needs -- saving time, resources, and decreasing the scope of audits.

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Build and manage DAOs
Vote on proposals and execute actions across EVM chains from one DAO deployment. 
Build and manage DAOs
Enable permissioned groups to pass proposals efficiently, while implementing checks and balances with a veto mechanism.
Build and manage DAOs
Create a unique governance model safely and efficiently with our plugin template. 

Securing governance since 2017

With a security-first approach, our contracts have safeguarded billions over 7 years. Building on this track record, Aragon OSx features a simplified code base optimized for secure permission tracking. The framework has been rigorously audited by Halborn and code4rena, with new audits for each upgrade.

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Battle-tested and audited
by the best

We built OSx with a security-first approach, designing it to be simple to reason about and easy to track permissions. OSx is audited by Halborn every time we make an upgrade, and was part of an open-source competition in code4rena.

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Here's what builders are saying about Aragon OSx

"A modularized approach makes a lot of sense to developers. It's also good for keeping the bytecode lean and cost-effective, and it can work because we already know many of the capabilities required for DAO administration."

- Andrei Taranu, dOrg, DAO Expert specializing in custom development
“By taking advantage of Aragon's flexibility, composability, and compatibility, DAO builders can experiment and refine their ideas in a step-by-step development process. This approach not only reduces the risk of failure and costs, but also fosters innovation and creativity within the Web3 ecosystem.”

Definme, DAO Expert specializing in custom development
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