About Aragon

We build full stack DAO technology, enabling organizations to govern their protocols and assets onchain.
About Aragon
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History of Aragon

A story defined by experimentation

JAN 2024
Aragon 2024

With a new CEO, a restructured team, and a plan to get back to doing what we do best – building innovative technology – the team entered the new year energized and ready to solve the key challenges facing DAOs in 2024 and beyond.

Aragon X 2024
Nov 2023
ANT Redemption Initiative

The Aragon Association (AA) deploys most of the treasury to allow all token holders to redeem ANT for ETH, dissolves the AA, and passes the torch to continue the mission.

ANT redemption
march 2023
New Tech Stack: Aragon OSx and Aragon App (Beta)

We launched our new user-friendly tech stack: Aragon OSx and Aragon App (Beta). The OSx was built strategically lean and flexible, enabling the organizations of the future that we can't yet imagine today. The App is a no-code platform for building DAOs quickly and easily.

Aragon's New Tech Stack
february 2023
Aragon DAO

We deployed a delegated voting DAO intended to govern the Aragon Project and treasury, if deemed safe to do so.

Aragon DAO
september 2022
Strategy to Become a Governance Hyperstructure

This strategy set the direction for the Aragon Project going forward. A hyperstructure is infrastructure that runs forever without a centralized party needing to maintain it, like the internet. We believe the hyperstructure for governance will be a permission management system.

Governance hyperstructure
june 2022
DAO Experts

DAOs are faced with novel challenges that require a wide range of expertise. So, we partnered with vetted, verified web3 service providers who help DAOs navigate legal, HR, product design, and much more.

Aragon DAO Experts
march 2022
Aragon ZK Research

We expanded into Zero Knowledge Proofs to build private, gasless voting. The Aragon ZK Research Guild is focused on ZK research for a future of high scalability and privacy preserving voting systems for DAOs.

Aragon ZK Research
November 2021
Aragon Network DAO: an experiment in Optimistic Governance

We launched the Aragon Network DAO to test our Optimistic Governance stack. We voted on Voice, executed votes in Govern, and resolved disputes in Court. After over a year of experimentation, this project sunsetted in January 2023.

Aragon Network DAO
september 2021
DAO Global Hackathon: bringing builders together

We brought together hundreds of developers to build tooling for DAOs in the first DAO Global Hackathon. A prize pool of over $200,000 was distributed amongst 12 winning teams.

DAO Global Hackathon 2021
may 2021
Aragon Voice: gasless voting platform

Aragon Voice, a gasless voting platform, was launched. Votes were encrypted but universally verifiable on vochain, a chain built by Vocdoni.

Aragon VoteAragon Vote
may 2021
Aragon Acquires Vocdoni

Aragon Association acquired Dvote Labs OÜ, the company behind Vocdoni, an open source technology stack that enables private, universally verifiable and scalable voting for traditional organizations.

Aragon Association and Vocdoni
June 2020
Aragon Client: build and manage DAOs

Aragon Client is a UI that taps into the power of aragonOS. With different apps managed via permissions to the kernel, Aragon Client was the big step forward in enabling adaptable organizations on the blockchain.

Aragon Client
June 2020
Aragon Court: decentralized court system

Aragon Court, a digital jurisdiction and court system, was launched. This experiment in a digital court system was the first secure, borderless dispute resolution system for DAOs.

Aragon Court
June 2020
Aragon Nest: grants program for the DAO ecosystem

Aragon Nest was a grants program that funded teams working to catalyze DAOs and the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. The Aragon treasury funded teams that went on to build Snapshot, DAppNode, Unchain, and Frame.sh.

Aragon Nest
january 2019
AraCon: an Aragon community conference

The Aragon community gathered in Berlin for AraCon, an Aragon community conference with speeches about the future of Aragon and governance experimentation.

Aracon 2019Aracon 2019
MAY 2018
Fight for Freedom: the Aragon Manifesto

The Aragon Manifesto: A Pledge to Fight for Freedom was published, along with the viral Fight for Freedom video. The manifesto outlined our goal to provide tools that allow anyone to experiment with governance at the speed of software.

The Aragon Manifesto
aragonOS deployed

The aragonOS, an open source smart contract development framework that can be used by any DAO, dApp, or protocol, was deployed. The architecture was based on the idea of an organization being the aggregate of multiple components (called applications). At the center is the Kernel, which governs how these applications talk to each other and interact.

aragonOS deployed
may 2017
Aragon Network Token sale

The Aragon Network Token (ANT) sale raised 275,000 ETH in 26 minutes. At the time, it was the 4th largest crowdfunding event in history.

Aragon Network Token sale
april 2017
Whitepaper published

"Aragon Network: A Decentralized Infrastructure for Value Exchange" was published.

Aragon whitepaper is published
Aragon is born

Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo founded Aragon to address emergent societal crises and failures of democracy.

Aragon is born

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aragon?

Aragon is a project building flexible and secure tools for creating, managing, and scaling DAOs, allowing everyone to experiment with governance at the speed of software.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an organization run with smart contracts on a public blockchain.
Decentralized = Built on top of trustless, permissionless technology.
Autonomous = Self-governing with smart contracts at the core.
Organization = Actors coordinating to reach shared objectives.

What is the Aragon Association?

The Aragon Association is a non-profit entity based in Switzerland. It is a legal steward of the Aragon project, made responsible for managing intellectual property and funds raised in the Aragon Network Token sale. The Aragon Project is governed by ANT Holders in the Aragon DAO and the Aragon Association will progressively and securely transfer the treasury to the Aragon DAO vaults, as security thresholds are met.

Who uses Aragon?

Over 3,800 DAOs have been created on AragonOS, including reputable high TVL projects such as Lido, Decentraland, API3, and more.