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How does the DAO Experts program work ?

Discover industry-leading web3 service providers with special expertise in Aragon OSx and DAOs.

One platform, everything you need

1. Choose an expert.

Browse the list of experts below to find the best fit for your current needs.
Create proposals and cast votes

2. Get in touch.

Use their contact form linked on their profile page and follow their intake process.
A homepage to make onboarding easy

3. Agree on scope, cost, & work.

Make a plan that works for both of you. Then, settle payment and hand off your tasks.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is this a paid service?

Yes, the experts here will be happy to hear your needs and then structure a custom proposal to assist you. Once a proposal is accepted, you’ll work with and make a payment directly to the expert organization of choice.

How are experts selected?

Experts have been selected based on expertise and proven experience in DAOs. These organizations are trusted and vetted by the Aragon team.

Who is responsible for what - Aragon or the experts?

The experts are fully responsible for how you decide to work together. They are also independent - for example, they may recommend you to work with Aragon tools, or not. DAO experts are important stakeholders of Aragon, providing feedback on the needs of tooling.

What’s the best way to contact an expert?

Simply click on ‘Contact an Expert’ to be directed to our dedicated Discord channel within Aragon. To smoothen the qualification process, we suggest doing preliminary research on the experts to learn more about their expertise and defining your possible objectives, timelines, budget, etc.