Industry-leading formal verification tools & smart contract audits

Move fast, break nothing. Cetora offers the most powerful security tooling in the industry, proving that your code works with mathematical certainty. Secure your smart contracts using formal verification with their Prover tool, or test your Solidity code with Gambit, an open-source Solidity mutation testing tool. 

Launching a project or pushing an upgrade proposal to your DAO and need a one-time audit? Request an audit and have a dedicated team testing your code, so you can be confident launching your project. Their experts also audit governance proposals of Maker, Aave, and other leading DAOs in the industry, ensuring that their technical upgrade proposal are bullet-proof. Get continuous access to the Prover with their Enterprise service, so you can be just as confident iterating as launching.

Expert services

Certora Prover

Powerful formal verification tool that runs on every commit. Check state, path, and properties of your contracts, baking security into your process from day one. 

Security Audits

A dedicated team of auditors will employ formal verification and more to test your code. Get a detailed report and interface with the team to ensure your project is secure.

Industry-leading formal verification tools & smart contract audits

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