Full-stack corporate and tax services

With 40 years of experience in Switzerland, MJP has witnessed the evolution of tax laws, regulations, and best practices, gaining invaluable insights along the way. Their experience enables them to provide practical and effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

They believe in taking a holistic approach to tax planning and compliance. Their team goes beyond mere tax optimization to consider the broader implications for your business. They assess the impact of tax decisions on your overall financial goals, risk management, and long-term sustainability.

Based in Switzerland, a global hub for web3, MJP helps major web3 organizations handle essential business operations such as regulatory compliance, tokenomics, legal structuring, and more.

Expert services

Tax advice

MJP’s team of tax experts can provide the advice you need when navigating the complex international tax systems while dealing with crypto assets.   

Accounting services

Managing your company's financials can be a complex task. MJP can streamline your financial operations and ensure compliance with Swiss accounting standards.

Employment and HR

MJP can help you comply with labor regulations and manage payroll, using heir thorough understanding of local employment laws and regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

Providing assistance with crypto taxation, licensing and registration support, KYC compliance, and more.

MiCA Compliance

Prepare for the new EU Regulation in Market in Crypto Assets, fully enforceable in Q4 2024, with MJP.

DAO Governance and Legal Wrappers

MJP assists you in structuring your DAO governance and bridge the onchain structure into the real world in a compliant way, avoiding personal risks for members.


MJP will craft distribution strategies, run economic modeling and simulations, and handle compliance with regulatory frameworks so your token launch goes smoothly.

Asset tokenization

Leverage blockchain technology to tokenize a wide range of assets, including real estate, artwork, securities, and more. They’ll also assist with investor relations.

NFT legal structuring

MJP has a deep understanding of the legal landscape governing NFTs, including intellectual property rights, securities laws, consumer protection, and more.

Token & Treasury
Full-stack corporate and tax services

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