Reinventing go-to-market into go-to-network

Covariance accelerates your path to PMF with their business development & sales network. 

Covariance is a new way to GTM, called Go To Network. Projects supercharge their growth efforts by aligning incentives with a network of BD and growth professionals. 

Covariance Network is the glue that helps bring two uncorrelated and unrelated people, projects, or ideas together. They offer an end-to-end experience from onboarding to delivery that is tailored to each project’s stage, goals, and challenges. Projects set their goals, allocate rewards, and let a network of curated and vetted contributors assist in finding the outcomes.

They’ve worked with a wide range of projects, including CowSwap, Hats, and IndexCoop. Whether you’re an early-stage organization or a well-established company, the Covariance network can help you meet your goals!

Expert services

Super Charge your BD and Sale team

Launching a growth campaign with covariance allows you to scale your GTM efforts 10x without the need to hire 10x more team members. 

Gain valuable insights on your offering

By tapping into a network of highly vetted and curated BD professionals, you get the chance to evaluate your product or service offering. 

Token distribution for token projects

Reward true value creators via a well-defined, KPI-based campaign, where only those who create value are rewarded with your token—whether it’s pre-launch or already live.

Reinventing go-to-market into go-to-network

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