Advising businesses in the digital asset space since 2017

Harris & Trotter works with some of the largest organizations in the digital asset space. With seven years of experience, H&T provides best in class advice and assistance for organizations in need of bookkeeping, tax services, statutory audits, organization structuring, and more. They’ve developed in-house tools to aid their services, including a signature matching tool for wallet ownership tests and a royalty audit script to track NFT royalties.

Working with projects like 1inch,, and Toku, they have experience with a wide range of challenges at the intersection of legal jurisdictions and the metaverse. No matter the size of your organization, you’re in good hands with a professional from H&T! 

Expert services


They’ll assist with all your back office functions, including both crypto and fiat bookkeeping. 

Accountancy and Corporate Tax

As a traditional accountancy firm, they can handle all aspects of your accountancy and tax requirements.

Statutory Audit

H&T understands the risks associated with the digital asset space, and can work with you to deliver a statutory audit with the help of their in-house tools. 

Tax and structuring

They work with businesses around the world to advise on tax efficient structuring and introduce you to the relevant global partners needed to carry out your implementation.

Outsourced CFO Service

As chartered accountants, they can act as your outsourced CFO, providing direction for your business and finance function.

Token & Treasury
Harris & Trotter
Advising businesses in the digital asset space since 2017

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