Elite blockchain security solutions

Halborn’s best-in-class security engineers provide elite blockchain security solutions for web3 projects. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive smart contract audit or need a plan to build a DevSecOps culture within your organization, Halborn has a security solution for you. Security never stops, which is why they offer services for every stage of a project’s lifecycle. 

Trusted by major ecosystem players like Polygon, Solana, BAYC, and Sushi, your project is in great hands with Halborn. 

Expert services

Security Advisory as a Service

Your new third-party partner to continuously assess your organization’s most vital assets, drive automation, and provide world-class cybersecurity consulting.

Advanced Penetration Testing

They conduct advanced penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights.

Smart Contract Audits

Exceedingly thorough analyses of a blockchain application’s smart contracts in order to correct design issues, find errors in the code, and identify security vulnerabilities.

DevOps and Automation

Their expertise in automated scanning, CI/CD Pipeline development, Infrastructure as Code, Cloud Deployment, and more can help you build an effective DevSecOps culture.

Elite blockchain security solutions

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