Cutting-edge technical solutions for DAOs, DeFi, and public goods

dOrg delivers cutting-edge solutions for DAOs, DeFi, and public goods projects. They serve projects with web3 (+AI) development needs, ranging from DAO mechanism design to smart contract development and web3 integrations. They design and build products, tailor-made smart contracts, dedicated front-ends with web3 integrations and customized DAOs and DAO tooling.

dOrg has been operating as a DAO since 2019 and are experts in what it takes to build a DAO.

Expert services

Full Stack Engineering

From the smart contracts to the front end, they'll deliver the full product.

UX/UI Design

Designing intuitive UIs with your user in mind.

DAO mechanism design

The inner workings of your organization should run as smoothly as your smart contracts.

Custom smart contracts

Contracts tailor-made to your needs.

Web3 integrations

Connect with the ecosystem with an integration.

AI Development

Merge AI with decentralized web tech for groundbreaking applications.

Full Service
Web3 (+AI) development services for organizations seeking to make a real-world impact.

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